studio lighting

BiteSizeTV offers our clients affordable lighting package rentals catered to your production needs. Our Hollywood studio has the tools you need to find the right look or set a specific tone. Whether creating a single overall stage look or multiple lighting set-ups, we can help you make use of our house grip and lighting package to get the most value for your production. 

BiteSizeTV staff can consult with your DP or gaffer in advance of the shoot to save you valuable time. We also have a well-stocked assortment of grip equipment, so you won’t have to make runs or pay for costly deliveries if you encounter additional resource needs while shooting. 

Lighting packages may include:

  • Pre-Lit Full LED Lighting Grid

  • ETC Element Lighting Control Console

  • Assortment of Fresnels, Soft Lights, Source Four Lustrs, Motorized lighting

  • Grip Equipment

For more information about our studio lighting, contact our office to ask about pricing and availability. Provide us with the details of your project to learn more about how BiteSizeTV can accommodate your production needs.