Studio Lighting Rentals
in Los Angeles


When you have a brilliant idea for a short film or photo shoot but not a lot of capital, the last thing you want to do is skimp on lighting. BiteSizeTV has affordable, professional-grade lighting systems available to rent, so you don't have to find the funds to buy quality equipment in your already stretched budget. Stop by our downtown Hollywood studio and rent the professional tools you need to bring your brainstorm online without going into debt. Your visuals will shine brighter with the help of our studio lighting equipment, and you can create some eye-popping special effects that will give your work an artsy rep. We also have studio space, sound equipment, camera and video equipment for rent plus all the little extras that make a huge difference in the final cut. 

Why Lighting is Important

Lighting sets the tone, reveals or conceals, highlights or casts into shadow. When you are working in visual media, professional lighting equipment is essential. Whether you choose to use it conventionally for clear, crisp videography or experiment to find your own original slant, studio lighting and how you use it are integral to the success of your project. 

Our Rental Lighting Equipment

  • ETC Element Lighting Console: This indispensable control console allows you to set up, adjust and change your lighting array remotely according to the action, a change of scene or a plot twist. Rent the ETC Element Lighting Console and make the most of your studio time to quickly adjust or redesign your lighting scheme. 
  • Pre-Lit Full Lighting Grid: With the use of our pre-lit grid, you have the option of using the grid lighting as a guide for setting your scene or placing the lighting exactly where you need it to communicate your creative vision.
  • Full studio lighting package: Providing the versatility and power you need to get those incredible art stills and videos you want, this professional package includes the Cineo TruColor HS2 wave lighting technology that film industry pros are using throughout the globe. Spot-on color quality, brightness and flexibility combined with connectivity and control helps you use your studio time efficiently. Pair that up with the Arri L7-D LED spot lighting to create some dramatic effects on set. ETC Source 4 Lustr lighting completes the package with user-friendly functions, crisp optics and a flexible color range.

Reserve Your Studio Time Today

The best part of our lighting equipment, studio, green screen, soundstage and camera equipment rentals, of course, is that we provide it all at affordable hourly rates. Contact BiteSizeTV on Hollywood Boulevard to reserve your professional film and photography gear today and get started on your next award-winning project.