Studio Control Room Rental in Los Angeles


BiteSizeTV's flexible rental packages allow entertainers to enjoy the prestige of working in Hollywood without spending a fortune on equipment and production space. From our studio control room in downtown Hollywood, you can seamlessly transmit prerecorded or live broadcasts to all corners of the globe. Whether you're producing a webcast, a radio show or a live performance, our reliable technical infrastructure allows you to reach audiences near and far without interruptions. 

BiteSizeTV's HD Control Room Equipment 

BiteSizeTV's state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with all of the cutting-edge equipment you'd find in most major Hollywood studios. Our HD control room features: 

  • LCD displays for monitoring multiple inputs 
  • A switcher and recorder capable of recording multiple sources simultaneously 
  • A selection of wireless and standard microphones 
  • - An audio control booth set up for live announcing 

Tell us exactly what you need, and we'll have everything set up so that you can start working right away. 

BiteSizeTV's Studio Control Room Support 

The BiteSizeTV support team is made up of industry veterans who are always on-call while you're in the studio. If you wish to take advantage of our live broadcast transmission services, we can handle the technical aspects of transmission while your crew focuses on producing your show. 

Studio Control Room Rental in Downtown Hollywood 

BiteSizeTV offers affordable equipment and studio rental packages to help you to create Hollywood-worthy productions. Our studio space is deal for filming, conducting photo shoots and transmitting live broadcasts via television, radio and the web. In addition to our control room, we rent a wide selection of equipment and amenities for making movies, television episodes and global webcasts including: 

  • A 54’ x 16’ soundstage outfitted with a pre-lit lighting grid 
  • Cameras, teleprompters and grip equipment 
  • Green screen equipment 
  • Editing software and equipment for post-production 
  • A green room with wardrobe stations 
  • A full kitchen 
  • Reliable high speed Wi-Fi 

If you’re ready to work in Hollywood, contact our office to ask about pricing and availability. Provide us with the details of your project to learn more about how BiteSizeTV can accommodate your production needs.