Green Screen Studio Rental in Los Angeles

  A peak at our control room

A peak at our control room


Thanks to technological advancements in the field of digital effects, it's never been easier or more affordable to create Hollywood-quality productions. If you're in the business of making movies, what better place to work than in the heart of Tinsel Town? BiteSizeTV's green screen studio on Hollywood Blvd. is equipped with everything you need to shoot live, live-to-tape or edited content for television, film and digital platforms. 

Green Screen Rental in the Heart of Hollywood 

If you're looking for affordable green screen rentals in central Los Angeles, BiteSizeTV's studio on Hollywood Blvd. provides everything you need for broadcast-quality productions. Our cost-efficient rental packages can be tailored to fit your production needs. In addition to our 54’ x 16’ main stage equipped with professional studio lighting, multiple cameras, teleprompter, microphones and grip equipment, our space includes: 

  • A live control room
  • A green room including hair, makeup and wardrobe stations
  • A full kitchen
  • Office space and rooms for meetings
  • Editing stations outfitted with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Complimentary high speed internet 

Since downtown Hollywood is always bustling, we even provide valet parking to accommodate your cast and crew members. Contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

How Do Green Screen Backgrounds Work? 

Green screens are used to create various visual illusions by taking advantage of chroma key compositing. Filmmakers have been experimenting with this technique for over a century. Early directors found that filming actors in front of a brightly colored backdrop allowed them to switch out the scene's background with anything they wanted. Actors in a studio could be transported to the top of the Empire State Building, in front of Niagara Falls or even in space. 

This effect was achieved by isolating and removing the background color from recorded video and then superimposing the footage of the actors. Today, this process is all done with the aid of computers, but the same methods make it all possible. Blue screens can be used to create the same effect, but vivid green has become the standard because it usually provides better contrast to most clothing and human skin tones.