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Lady Gaga Splits With Taylor Kinney?

Hollywood Today Live

Nicolette Sheridan is Getting Divorced

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Vivica A. Fox Doesn't Recognize Trump Anymore

Hollywood Today Live

Vivica A. Fox to Leslie Jones: "Welcome to the Big Girls Club"

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How Does Jermaine Dupri Know When Someone Has "It"?

Hollywood Today Live

K-Brock Vs. DJ Sprinkles Rap Off!

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How to Go From the Beach to the Nightlife in One Outfit

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Which Member of 98 Degrees Can't Remember the Lyrics?

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Melania Trump Is Copying Michelle Obama?

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Is The Bachelorette's Chad Still Terrorizing TV?

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Teri Polo On The Fosters: "It's Just a Family Of Teenagers With Two…

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Tanner Throws It Back With Jes Macallan!

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Dance Charades With Zachary Levi, Teri Polo and Jes Macallan!

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Kim K Exposes Taylor Swift Via Snapchat

Hollywood Today Live

Cameron Mathison Reveals His Worst Interviewee!

Hollywood Today Live

Which Central Intelligence Star Sent Danielle Nicolet His Butt?!?

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Does Cate Blanchett's Dress Belong On A Wall? | Slay Or Nay

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How To Make A Proper Taco With Chef Ray Garcia!

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Kim K Reignites Taylor-Kanye Fight

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Tori Spelling Is Back On Lifetime This Time With More Lesbian Vampires

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